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How to Cure Migraines at Home

how to cure migraines at home

With the pressures of contemporary life, and the daily stresses, headaches, which includes migraines, are becoming increasingly prevalent. Stemming from a assortment of causes, it is critical to address these with a medical doctor if they continue more than time. Fortunately, there are quite a few property-remedy treatment options that can aid alleviate the pain, and this article focuses specifically on these.


  • 1 You are what you consume
    • 1.1 Foods which help
  • 2 House Treatments
    • 2.1 Lavender
    • two.2 Peppermint Oil
    • two.3 Basil Oil
    • two.4 Feverfew
    • 2.5 Chamomile
  • 3 Life-style alternatives
    • three.1 Minimize Stress
    • 3.two Massage

You are what you eat

As you know, I am a significant fan of this school of thought and believe that wherever probable we need to be creating alterations to the diet plan to increase our general wellness. Some foods have been shown to have an influence on frequency and severity of headache and migraine pain. Every and every individual is unique, so it can be helpful to keep a headache diary, to help you track the foods that trigger a migraine. Some prevalent perpetrators include things like:

  • dairy
  • chocolate
  • peanut butter
  • avocado
  • banana
  • citrus
  • onions
  • meats with nitrates: bacon, hot dogs
  • foods containing tyramine, an amino acid discovered in red wine
  • pickles
  • caffeine

Foods which assist

As often, there are some foods which assistance to relieve symptoms dues to their nutrient content material.

Buckwheat is wealthy in flavonoids, which are phytochemicals derived from plants. Rich in antioxidants, this seed can help alleviate symptoms by contributing to an anti-inflammatory diet.

Flaxseed is another known reducer of inflammation due to its impressive Omega-3 quotient. This can be taken either by adding cold pressed oil to the diet program of adding the seeds themselves to salads. Other excellent sources of Omega-3s incorporate nuts seeds and oily fish.

Antioxidant foods involve a variety of fruit and vegetables: most notably pomegranates and blueberries can aid alleviate symptoms, but it is essential to test all foods by maintaining a food diary.

Household Treatments

In addition to meticulously contemplating your diet regime, there are a couple of treatments which support to bring a migraine into verify.


Regardless of whether inhaled or applied topically, lavender is a soothing and relaxing scent. Lavender can be applied neat to the temples and massaged. Try adding two to 4 drops to boiling water and breath in through a vaporizer or more than a steaming bowl.

Peppermint Oil

A soothing dwelling remedy that has been shown to advantage tension headaches, peppermint oils smells fresh and helps manage blood flow by encouraging open and close blood vessels. Outstanding for sinus related headaches, peppermint can be applied topically with a carrier oil or inhaled via a diffuser.

Basil Oil

Oil derived from basil plants is an productive muscle relaxant so it is specifically valuable for headaches brought on by tension and tight muscle tissues. Inhaled through a vaporizer or head over steaming bowl of water, this remedy soothes and relaxes.


Usually employed as an herbal headache treatment, feverfew rose to popularity in the 80s when 70% or participants reported reduced symptoms following taking feverfew.


A common relaxant, taking an infusion of chamomile in tea helps to unwind, which in turn can alleviate tension headaches and soothe migraine symptoms.

Lifestyle choices

tips to cope with migraines

Reduce Stress

Helping you to relax and unwind, gentle yoga can alleviate tension headaches and aid you to keep in handle of sleeping habits. Other techniques to unwind include things like meditation and massage, taking herbal teas and gentle exercising.

If you’re interested: Stress Management.


Research carried out in Brazil demonstrated that massaging the greater occipital nerve reduces migraine discomfort. This can be positioned at the back of the head, at the base of the skull.  Additionally, massaging the temples and scalp can aid to alleviate symptoms, specifically when utilised with one of the oils talked about above.

Acupressure massage or reflexology can also be helpful, as it relaxes the complete body and targets the discomfort locations.

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